Draft for Second Ghost Book Completed

It was a long time coming, but yesterday I finally finished writing the first draft of the second “Ghost Expert” book. The working title for it is This Village (Apparently) Practices Ghostly Rituals. It is a sequel to I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts, and will follow Naoki in his next ghost-related venture. The title gives a good idea of what the story’s about, I think!

The draft came to about 110k words, or 350 pages (double-spaced, 12pt font). Chances are the final draft will be less than that. I intend to trim it down a lot, and change a number of scenes so the plot makes more sense. There’s still a lot of revising and editing to do, but for now I can at least sigh in relief at writing “The End” at long last.

This was a difficult book to write for various reasons… I guess the timeline would go like this:

  • After finishing first Ghost Expert novel, started wondering if I should write a sequel one day
  • Worked on Four Nights a Day novel (which I finished, but decided to “set aside in a drawer”)
  • Brainstormed ideas for Ghost Expert sequel (I considered different mediums, such as a game or visual novel… I’m not ready for something like that yet, ha ha)
  • Wrote some Healing Stories
  • Scrapped ideas for Ghost Expert sequel, brainstormed for a new novel
  • Started writing Ghost Expert sequel
  • Hit a roadblock, life got hectic, wrote some Healing Stories (I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to those, tbh)
  • Wrote more of Ghost Expert sequel… didn’t like where it was going (basically, it was too complicated, and had too many characters)
  • Worked on a new novel for a couple months, which I ended up not liking (sigh)
  • Reworked the plot of Ghost Expert sequel, cut out about half of what I had written (which was a lot)
  • Moved back to Japan, got used to my new job, etc — it was difficult to buckle down on writing
  • Buckled down on writing — wrote most of Ghost Expert sequel over the last few months
  • And that was while doing lots of editing for the first Ghost Expert novel, for its Tapas release… I’m just busy, busy, busy

Hachikuro is currently working on illustrations for the new book! All of them are great so far. You can look forward to those when the book releases… hopefully this year.

For those who are new to my stories, you can read I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts on Tapastic.com, either with your computer or smartphone (via the Tapas app). “Episodes” of the story are releasing on a weekly basis. This is my most polished version of the story, and I’m hoping it will connect well with the sequel when that finally comes out.

3 thoughts on “Draft for Second Ghost Book Completed

  1. Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to read this. I also write stories, and I really would like to try something more Light Novelish but my English is not good enough and the German Market for something like that is rather small, sadly.


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