A Look Ahead at Various Things (2017)

Anime-rry Christmas! The Day 12 post today will just be an overview of things I’d like to dive into next year. Seems like a decent way to end my 12 Days of Aniblogging. Think of it as a preview of what I’ll potentially be tweeting about in 2017.


I imagine I will approach 2017 in the same laid-back way I did for 2016. Since I have a stable income at the moment, I would actually like to try buying more anime shows that I have never gotten around to watching.

Some of the shows I’m thinking of picking up:

  • Higurashi When They Cry — I loved the manga adaptation; I’ve put off the anime for too long now
  • Dusk Maiden of Amnesia — I’m not sure this one’s really for me, but I do love ghost stories so I think I’ll give it a shot
  • Beautiful Bones — I like dark mystery stories
  • Blue Spring Ride — a shoujo romance I missed out on; it seems it was well-received
  • One Week Friends — this looked cute
  • Inu X Boku SS — I can’t remember if I ever tried this one or not; it seems like something I’d like


I’m not sure if I’ll get around to much manga next year. I plan to follow In/Spectre and The Case Study of Vanitas, at least (unless they drop in quality, I suppose).

Some titles I would like to read, but they don’t have ebook options available:

  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride — I liked the first volume a lot, but buying the rest in paperback right now is kind of troublesome while I live overseas
  • Liselotte and the Witch’s Forest — this is from the creator of Fruits Basket (which I loved) so I’d like to give it a try one day
  • Nichijou — I loved the anime, so I’d like to support the manga release too
  • Orange — I tried an ep or two of the anime, but I feel like I would like the manga a lot more
art by Reitaso

art by Reitaso

Games and Visual Novels

I’m planning to get a PS4, partly so I can finally play Blu-rays, and partly so I can play Persona 5, ha ha.

Other than that, it’ll mainly be VNs on my Vita. And the new Dangan Ronpa, whenever that comes out in English. I am thinking of getting into Steins;Gate too (and perhaps even its sequel that I think just came out?), if I find the time… I might just read another otome or two though, since there’s several coming out next year. At the very least, I’m definitely getting the new Code: Realize VN. I think it’s a collection of side stories.

Light Novels

There’s a lot of light novels I’m looking forward to next year! I’m sure I’ll write more about this on my other blog, but a couple new titles I’m interested in trying:

  • Your Name — really excited to read Makoto Shinkai’s novel (and spin-off novel?) for this
  • Magical Girl Raising Project — it sounds interesting; I like Battle Royale type setups

Some other titles I’ve been meaning to get around to:

  • Welcome to the NHK — I bought it in a sale a few months ago; need to read it
  • Qualia the Purple — the fan translation finished recently, and it’s long been hyped
  • Sugar Dark — it’s a horror one-shot, so I have to try it some time
  • Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Writing Girl — this looks cute; I wish there was an epub though (I’ll work something out…)

That’s enough for now, ha ha. It’ll be interesting to see what I actually get around to next year.

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