Writing Goals for 2016

First, a quick look back at the previous year. 2015 wasn’t my best year for writing. It wasn’t terrible, but it was difficult to really get “in the zone” for certain parts of the year due to various life events. My goal from last year though was to finish three creative projects:

  1. Four Nights Per Day — a novel I rewrote and finished. I succeeded at this goal, but in the end I didn’t feel very pleased with the story in general. It was a very difficult book to write, and ultimately I think its concepts need to be approached very differently for it to really work. I’m glad it’s over with at least, so I can focus on my more recent ideas.
  2. Healing Stories — a project I’m still in the middle of. I didn’t know how many stories this would be when I first started out, but ultimately it has turned out to be a much bigger project than I originally planned. At the moment, this anthology “volume” will probably be ten stories total. I am almost done with the fifth story, which I hope to publish here some time in February. Though I didn’t finish this project, I did at least manage to work out a clear vision for it.
  3. ??? — I didn’t know what my third project would be at the start of 2015. I eventually decided I would work on a sequel for Ghost Expert, but I actually did a lot of brainstorming regarding what form this would take. For a couple months I was looking into what it would take for me to make a little computer game, believe it or not (with RPG Maker). The more I fiddled with that program though, the more it became obvious that this would be a HUGE time sink. I’m short on time these days, and it makes more sense for me to focus on writing stories. So I had to rethink everything regarding what a Ghost Expert sequel would constitute, and that took some time. I did manage to get a good chunk of the rough draft written up before the year ended though, so at least I’m off to a decent start.

This year I don’t really need to guess what I want to accomplish:

  1. Finish Healing Stories — or perhaps more specifically, publish stories 5 through 10, with the final story feeling conclusive enough to mark a “volume” ending.
  2. Finish Ghost Expert 2 — i.e. I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghostly Rituals… hopefully to be published in time for Halloween? Once I get a rough draft completed, I will still need to rewrite, revise, edit, and proofread the text.

And that’s probably enough. I wish to also be improving my Japanese studies this year, which isn’t an endeavor one can tread into lightly. Easier said than done, right? Outside of that, there are a lot of things up in the air for my life at the moment, so it’s difficult to really plan on much of anything. But at the very least, for this site there should be more to look forward to this year than last!

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