November Ramblings

I try to update this blog at least once a month, as that helps me maintain a bit of focus on my writing goals–keeps me from getting lazy for long periods of time, at least. If I don’t have something new to update the site with, I want to at least be working on a project that will one day make it here.

This past month I have been working steadily on the second Ghost Expert book. My first draft is approaching the halfway point (I believe), and so far I am feeling good about it.  Perhaps in another couple months, I will have the draft done and a good idea of what I will need to revise to make the story as strong as possible. Wouldn’t that be nice? This has been yet another learning experience for me, as it’s the first time I’ve attempted a sequel for one of my books.

I would like to release at least one more healing story before the year is through, so I may set aside some time for that. We’ll see how that goes! December can be a pretty busy month. But do be sure to look forward to the next illustration update! There should be one of those coming pretty soon.

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