Illustration for Healing Story One

Character art has been completed for the first healing story! This illustration of Lien and Cossette is by hachikuro, who did all the artwork for I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts.

healing-story-1-ill 1000

You can find the image at the start of Healing Story One now, and the plan is to have this sort of introduction artwork for each of the following stories to be released in this series. (And speaking of which, you can expect the second half of Healing Story Two to show up within the next week.)

2 thoughts on “Illustration for Healing Story One

  1. Too exciting! I hadn’t realized you’d started releasing this collection; I’m looking forward to reading them. The illustration is lovely. :D


    • Thanks, Honya! This project is fairly different in tone and scope from the ghost book, but I’m hoping there will be something for new and returning readers alike to enjoy.

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