First Healing Story is Up

Have you ever noticed how in pretty much any story involving magic, the healer in the protagonist’s group is always a rather overlooked secondary character? Healers are super-important, since everyone else in the party would probably die if it weren’t for them! This (worthless) observation of mine made me wonder what it would be like to have some stories all about the healers…

My second project for this site will be an anthology of short stories titled The Healers of Coeur Academy, though I will generally just refer to them as healing stories. Rather than release the full anthology all at once, I will update the site with a new story each month… until I’m done. I have a bit of a backlog to work with, and will continue writing more stories in the meantime. For now though, here is a basic synopsis:

What is magic? The students at Coeur Healing Academy will spend years studying its unpredictable precepts in an effort to become professional healers–practitioners of magic arts who work to cure those who suffer from strange and unusual “magical maladies.” But is magic something that can truly ever be controlled? And are there some things that even magic can never fully heal?

A quiet and serious woman named Cossette Noel is the newest student to arrive at the small academy by the sea, and her aim is to find answers to these and many other magic-related inquiries.

These stories will follow a variety of protagonists, so the main characters will generally change from one story to the next. That said, the stories will all share the same setting, so I will make an effort to maintain a strong continuity between the assorted narratives that play out.

Other good news: I intend for there to be an illustration for each story! These will be added over time, and I will be sure to update the site and leave an announcement whenever a drawing is finished. I’ll have more to say once the first one is ready.

For now though, you can give the first story a read right here! Subsequent stories (which will vary in length) will appear linked in the drop-down menu at the top, hopefully on a monthly basis.

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