Done with One Project! Now Working on Another One

Some good news: I did manage to finish my draft of Four Nights a Day this month. (All 90,000 words of it…) So now I can work on something else! I unfortunately have very mixed feelings toward Four Nights, and don’t know if I’ll really want to go back to that story. It was an interesting experiment and good writing practice at least, and I’m glad I did decide to finish it. The story probably would have forever been nagging at the back of my mind, if I hadn’t…

I’m now working on a project I feel a lot better about: Healing Stories, a series of short stories that share a common setting (an academy that teaches students healing magic). I wrote a few stories back in the summer/fall of last year–and reading through them again, I feel they will be good enough to share online once they’re properly revised and edited. I am currently writing another one, and it’s been refreshing to work on a more lighthearted story again. It is also fun to work with a larger cast of characters for a change.

So you will hopefully have some new stories to look forward to in upcoming months! I will try to upload at least one new story each month, and see how long that goes for. I have not pinned down the exact number of stories I will want for the anthology to feel complete (or at least complete for “volume 1,” ha ha), but there should be some new content to tide us over while I decide on my next novel to tackle.

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