More Homes for Ghost Story

I don’t have much to blog about this month, so this will be a short post.

Regarding I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts, I have submitted the story to Baka-Tsuki, an online community for light novel translations–but a number of original stories are hosted as well. You can find the forum topic on my story here, and if it gets enough recognition it will be accepted on the site. If you’ve read the story and have a Baka-Tsuki forum account, please feel free to leave a quick comment. (It’s really easy to register a forum account, if that is a concern.) I really appreciate everyone’s support!

In the meantime I will be uploading I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts over at Royal Road, a fiction hosting site that has gained a following among light novel/web novel communities. The site is best known for fantasy reincarnation and virtual reality-themed stories, but my ghost book has been accepted for uploading as well. I will be formatting and adding chapters to the forum there as the days go along.

As for my February writing goal for my Four Nights a Day draft–well, I didn’t quite reach it. =/ I ran into some roadblocks in regard to how things should play out for the final act, which slowed my writing pace quite a bit. It’s a tricky thing sometimes to ensure the plot both makes sense and plays out in an engaging manner… Fortunately I feel I’ve worked out what needs to happen for the last few chapters I have left to write, so I’ll hopefully get this draft finished in the near future.

And after that…? Well, I’ll see about uploading some new content for this site!

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