Ideas for Future Stories

One aspect of my writing hobby that I’ve found difficult: having more ideas for stories than I’m able to actually work on at any given time. Novels take a great deal of time and effort to complete, and I often end up getting quite a few interesting concepts for stories I’d like to work on… while I’m still in the middle of another novel. The ideal solution is to just write faster in order to get to the next story more quickly, but this is easier said than done.

At any rate, I thought I’d share a couple of the story concepts I’ve been working on lately.

Apocalypse book (working title: Four Nights a Day) — I wrote about two-thirds of this novel before I set it aside to focus on my ghost book. I felt there were some big issues with the apocalypse story, which I decided I would give some time to mull over. I still like the general concept I’m working with: most everyone in the world disappears, and the protagonist (a fantasy!Korean shaman-in-training) has to deal with her past regrets while working out why nobody’s around anymore. It’s rather different from anything I’ve attempted before, so it’s been challenging to get back into. I’m hoping to focus on it a lot more over the coming weeks, and perhaps even get a first draft finally wrapped up by the end of the year.

Healing stories (no working title yet) — While working on my ghost book, I would at times take a breather and try my hand at a short story or two. These have been tied together by their setting: a sort of late 1800s fantasy!French academy for practitioners of healing magic. The idea is each story focuses on a different student, who attempts helping a patient suffering from some kind of magic-influenced malady. I’ve finished a few of these, but will probably want to write at least a few more before putting them together as an anthology. Or perhaps it would be worth releasing them as a serial?

There are several other concepts that I’ve had to set aside for the time being, but would perhaps like to work on at some point:

  • Dark fantasy action book I was working on a bit while in college (dead man with an artificially-constructed spirit, psychokinesis specifically with religious iconography, lots of strange people killing each other, way too chuunibyou)
  • Something with a character who enters people’s dreams in order to help them and solve an overarching mystery (I have a variety of ideas for this general theme… just waiting for something to stick)
  • A possible take on the whole “trapped in a virtual world game” concept: make it a survival horror game instead of another sword-and-sorcery MMO (again, I have some ideas in mind for this, but not sure if/when I’d get around to attempting such a story)
  • Another ghost story… maybe? (I’ve got a lot of brainstorming pages for a possible sequel story, but I’m on the fence for how soon I want to tackle another full project for it–will have to see how I feel once I finish one of my other books, perhaps)

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