I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts

Tsunoda Naoki is a ghost expert! Maybe. Okay, not really. He just pretends to be one, scraping a living by putting the easily-spooked at ease. But his luck seems to run out when he’s suddenly got a real ghost to deal with. He can’t even see this spirit, let alone exorcise her—and to complicate matters further she apparently seems to like Naoki… a lot.
Is this ghost hunt a romantic comedy or a tragic horror?

This novel was written by Cho, and includes ten illustrations by hachikuro. You can read this ebook on your computer or on an e-reader such as the Kindle. The story can be considered an “original English light novel.” To learn more about light novels in general, you can visit English Light Novels.

You can download this ebook for free via Smashwords as an .epub, a .mobi (Kindle), or in other formats.

A .pdf of the novel is also available to download here.

Or if you prefer, you can read the story online on this website, ScribdWattpad or FictionPress.

10 thoughts on “I’m (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts

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  3. Nice book and illustrations! This was really a enjoyable book to read, and it was well written as well. I was wondering if this is just one standalone story with no sequel/series, or will there be more? Nonetheless, thank you for writing this, and it was very fun to read :)


    • Thanks for the kind words, Prot! This is a standalone story, but it’s possible I will put together a sequel one day. I’ll be sure to post on the site here if/when I begin work on such a project.


  4. So I finally sat down to read this and… it was pretty good! You label it a light novel, but it’s long enough to be a full novel. With a little editing this could easily be a young adult or lower level novel published in whatever country you’re in. If you ever get around to having a sequel I’ll be lucky to read it.


    • Thank you for the comment, knivesmith! Light novels can come in a variety of lengths, but regardless this would just be a web novel from a technical standpoint.
      I’ve submitted novels to publishers over the years, but no luck on that front yet. For now I’m hoping to just improve my skills more, and hopefully find an audience in this particular niche I’m still attempting.
      There will likely be more “Ghost Expert” stories in the future–or at least, I have a lot of ideas for where things can go from here. I hope to have something to show on that front in time for the book’s first anniversary this Halloween.


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